Pet Separation Anxiety

We all enjoy our alone time-unless of course your dog suffers from pet separation anxiety. Have you walked in the house and have been greeted with a swift, strong and very unpleasant odor permeating from another room and find that once again your pooch has had another accident. Or are you a victim of the digging, chewing, and scratching at doors or windows?

If you come home to any of these scenerios then your dog may be suffering from pet separation anxiety.

  • Pee or Poop in the house?
  • Scratch or chew anything in the house?
  • Bark, howl or whine?
  • Pant and pace the house?

Typically, a pet that suffers from pet separation anxiety will start to display episodes within 20–45 minutes after their owners leave them and this leaves your pet miserable in your absence.

Signs and symptoms of pet separation anxiety

  • Does he follow you from room to room?
  • Does he dislike spending time outside by himself?
  • Is he constantly by your side everywhere you go in the house?
  • He is not far behind when you show attention to other pets or family members in the home?

These are all classic signs that your pooch may bu suffering from this disorder. Separation anxiety is often confused with boredom and cases in your dog can be mild to moderate or severe. Understanding the different types of behaviors will help you in determing the proper treatment for your dog.