Dog Behavior and Why My Dog Eats Grass?

I've noticed dog behavior changes and now my dog eats grass. Why does he do this?

My dog seems to do this almost on a daily basis and I always thought the reason was an because he had an upset stomach until now.

I recently found that when my dog eat grass it is normal behavior. It was once believed that since dogs commonly vomit after eating grass, they eat grass in order to vomit.

I thought the reason my dog ate grass was because he may have an upset stomach or may have eaten something bad thus causing him feel he needs to vomit but I have learned that this is not true. As a matter of fact, some people believe that it is important that you not discourage your dog from eating grass when they feel inclined to do so.

Another thought is that in the wild, the normal diet of wolves and foxes includes grass, whether they're actively seeking it out or eating as herbivores. Because of this, grass can also be considered a normal part of a dog's diet but generally dogs are omnivores. Another theory is a rather simple one.

Dogs eat grass simply because they like it. In fact, there may be certain species of plants and grasses that are particularly appealing to dogs. Unless your dog is eating grass excessively, it's really not a concern and you needn't be worried about it.

This brings me peace of mind as my maltese loves to go outside and soak up the sun while eating grass.

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