Irish Setter

Eager to Please Breed

One of the most distinctive sporting breeds, this beautiful red dog is an active dog used for hunting. His outgoing and stable personality make him a favorite with families. Love by many and part of many family homes. Irish Setters are playful, intelligent, affectionate and full of energy. They get along with other dogs and are good with children.

This breed is happiest with it's companion. It is not aggressive and has been known to proetect it's owner from harm.If considering a Irish Setter keep in mind that it is a high-energy breen that requiresexercise often allowing it to run and play in a big enough area to stretch its legs.

Weight: 24-28 Pounds
Life Expectancy: Approx: 11-15 Years
Grooming: Daily brushing to keep its lng soft hair from burrs and tangles
Children:Good with children

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