Great Pyrenees

Gentle Giant

Affectionate, confident and gentle the Great Pyrenees is a very large dog with solid muscular body. He is generally a calm and well-mannered unless provoked. While territorial and protective over his family when necessary. Quiet tempermant, both patient and tolerant.

This breed is somewhat reserved, yet attentive, fearless and loyal to his family. He id devoted to his family and wary of strangers. This breed is best in a home with non-canine animals and tends to get along well with cats.

This protective teddy-bear may drool a bit for some homes but is a lucky addition to homes with children. Patient, playful, loving with children.

Weight: 85-10 Pounds
Life Expectancy: Approx. 10 Years
Grooming: Regular brushing is needed. Bathe when necessary
Children: Excellent with children

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