The Basset Hound

Gentle and Devoted

The Basset Hound is a large dog with short legs. They were originally bred to have dwarfism. This breed has an easy-going tempermant making him good with children.

Bassets are known to be vocal and may bark or howl when they want something or think something is wrong. They are very sweet, devoted, peacful and well behaved pets and fit into any family very well.

They can be stubborn and at times need a firm hand to get their attention. Because of the hunter in the Basset when he gets a wiff of an interesting scent he may ignore everything else until he finds the source.

Weight: 50-65 pounds
Life Expectancy: Approx: 10-12 Years
Grooming: Easy to groom. Brush with frim bristle brush and shampoo when necessary. He is a shedder!
Children: Excellent with children

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