Symptoms of Allergies

Does your pet have symptoms of allergies? Does it sneeze and cough? or have inflamed ears, gastric upset, constant licking of paws or do they lick anything in contact? They could be a victum of allergies.

As you read some of these pages you will learn that there are alot of similarities between us humans and our pets. Another similarity is that our pet's immune system like our's react to bacteria and viruses by manufacturing antibodies that allow it to fight against infections.

Our pet's encounter allergies all day, everyday that are just part of our environment. They are not necessarily as harmful as much as they are irritating to your pet. Some common elements that we may not even think might have an effect on our pets are ragweed, molds, grasses, pollens, mites, foods and food additives.

A primary sympton of a food allergy is intense and constant itching in area's like feet, forelegs and tail base. In severe cases resulting in hair loss but a food allergycan make your pet itch almost anywhere. "Hot Spots" may appear on the legs and tail base also as a result of an allergy.

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