Best pets for kids

What are the best pets for kids and what do you do if your kid wants a Boa Constrictor as a pet?

Faint, Scream, kick the kid out of the house---NO! You introduce him to acceptable pet--like an elephant or monkey. Kids want what Sally and John their friends and neighbors down the street have. It doesn't matter if it's a pet hampster or a pet boa, it's cool and they want one too. So what are the best pets for kids?

If you are a parent then I am sure you have heard "Can I have a puppy" PLEASE, PLEASE, I'll take care of it, feed it and walk it, I promise! If you haven't heard it yet, trust me it's coming.

Kids may truely believe that all they want in the world is a cute puppy and they have convinced themselves that this is the perfect pet. Only to find out a month later that their best friend got a sugarglider or hampster for their birthday and how cool is that?

It's true, we were taught growning up with a family pet can teach our children responsibility and that it would be great for a companion. It's also been said that having a family pet helps kids develop social skills and a sense of self-esteem which in-turn results in good feelings towards pets. Pets also help to keep kids interacted with something other than the television or latest video game.

Discuss with all members of the family

Before making any decisions it is always best to talk it over with all member's of the family. What are the best pets for kids? Doe's everyone agree on a boa constrictor or a scaly iguana or would they prefer a sweet little furry kitten or puppy. Will other sibling in the house get pets? and does anyone in the house have an allergy to that furry little pursian kitten you are thinking of purchasing.

The expense of the new addition

This is a commitment for the life of the pet. Consider food, vet bills, groomings and pet products while you are discussing it with your family. While some pets are cheaper to buy, consider the cage and accesories that add up. All pets deserve love, attention, commitment and lots of care. Don't get a pet because the latest blockbuster movie has featured them as characters, these often lead to kennels.

Once you and your family have decided on the perfect pet, it can be a wonderful bonding experience between everyone in the family.

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