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Getting Started Packet

(Contains 5 pages) $6.99

I created these pet sitting forms for my own customer's and thought this would be some beneficial information for pet sitters who are just starting out and may not know what types of forms to use. The packet includes a pet visit checklist which will save you time because it clearly explains what you are to do when pet sitting in the clients home or in your home.

The packet clearly explains all of the duties involved in pet sitting visits whether it be overnight visits, mid-day breaks or morning and evenning breaks. The checklist gives you peace of mind knowing that you have covered all the steps and have not forgotten to lock the back slidding door or left the T.V on or fed Fido some cookies when he was not suppose to get any.

The Getting Started Packet also contains a client information and emergency contact form, a veterinarian emergency authorization to treat form, a separate client interview sheet so that you can ask the appropriate questions and get the right information, a pet profile form and a key authorization form. Use these forms for your own pet sitting business or use this packet as a template and customized it for your own business needs.

The Getting Started Packet comes with some tips so you can get the most out of this packet to assist you in providing great pet care to your clients.

The Getting Started Packet will be emailed to you immediately upon order. What are you waiting for? Buy your pet sitting forms today!

Each Getting Started Packet contains:

  • 1 Client information and contact sheet
  • 1 Pet profile page
  • 1 Veterinarian release form
  • 1 Key authorization page
  • 1 Home information page

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Pet Sitting Forms