Pet Grooming 101

Pet Grooming….I like to think it is a beauty session for my maltese. He comes back clean, white, fluffy, smells good and always comes back with a adorable bandana. But the grooming process is so much more than an day at the spa as we would like to think for ourselves.

Does your dog run under the bed when you say the word bath? It's funny how dogs are rarely excited to jump into the bathtub for a good scrub but run all over the house like mad when you take then out of the tub or sink. I imagine the reason for their hiding under the bed is due to some fear they may haveof the water, sink, tub or maybe they just don't like the feeling of getting cleaned. If you decide to tackle your pooch and stick him under the spout here are some helpful hints. If you don't want to get wet and you will get wet, you may want your pooch handled by a professional groomer or your veterinary office.


Be sure to put your suit on. Well not really but you are going to get wet. Lay a non-skid mat down in the sink or the tub purchasesd from your favorite pet grooming supplies store to prevent your pooches from slipping or from their foot falling into the garbage disposal. Put all your pet grooming supplies you are going to need close at hand. Shampoo, conditioner (a must have for long coats), scissors, cotton balls (for ears) and a couple towels. If you are bathing in a sink or tub without a detachable head, you can use a large cup.

Finding and prepping Bentley

I find him under the bed in his bed as if I wouldn't find him. You can choose to trim the nails before or after the bath it makes no difference. I may actually be easier to see the nails when the hair is wet. Keep some treats close by for praises before during and after the bath. If you are bathing in a bathroom be sure to close the door behind. Its tricky to catch a soaking wet, soapy dog running away from you and throughout the house. If you are able to, gently insert cotton balls into the ears to prevent water from getting into them and put a drop of mineral oil into each eye if shampoo irritates your pet.

Here come the suds

Now we know they are not going to go into the tub voluntarily so If you have a large dog it may take two people to place him in the tub. Be sure the water is not to hot or cold and let them see and hear the water before introducing them into it. Read the directions on the shampoo bottle for proper usage. Start at the head but be careful around the sensitive areas of the eyses and work a good rich lather through the coat down the body, legs and tail. Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly.

Silky soft and no fly aways

After you have thoroughly rinsed out all the shampoo you can apply the conditioner and again read the directions for the proper usage as some specify how long you should leave the conditioner on the hair. Once you are all done get your towels and start drying. Be careful here, this is where they are going to want to bolt out of your hands and have a after-bath-frenzie running around the house. Let them get that out of there system and If your pet has long hair you can continue to use a blow dryer set on low and finish up the drying process. I find that high tends to make the hair frizzy. Put all your pet grooming supplies away and you are ready to enjoy a clean, good smelling and happy pooch.

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