What is a Omnivore?

Is my dog a carnivore or a herbivore?

Dogs are omnivore's, meaning they consumes both plants and meat. There are also herbivores and carnivores. These three types often get confused but not for long. Here are the three types and the differences between them.

These types of animals consume both plants and meat while carnivores typically have a diet of meat only, and herbivores tend to eat only plants. There can be a few variations.

While a carnivore primarily eats meat it may occasionally eat grass and there is nothing wrong with your pet if you find it eating grass.

I was suprised to learn that our pets diet can be very similiar to ours. So much that some pet owners feed their pets resembling their own dietary liefstyle. Many vegetarians feed their pets a vegetarian diet because of their beliefs.

Many pet owners who believe in the holistic approach will feed their pets a natural and holistic diet, while others may prefer to make their own homemade pet food. It is all safe but its always in you and your pets best interest to consult with your vet to discuss any dietary changes.

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