Find out what your cat meowing is about

Cat meowing is a cats language to communicate with us and other animals.

We all know to stay clear from a hissing and growling cat, but there are other sounds your cat is capable of making and reasons for it. While some cats are more talkative than others most cats make some noise and expect us to know what they are saying.

Why do cats meow?

There can be several reasons your kitty will not let you sleep at night. Cats Meow because they're trying to tell you something. It could be either they're hungry, sick or want attention. Always be aware of the kind of body language your cat is showing. It may be that they are afraid, angry, or they may just want to go outside.

A common complaint about cats is their excessive loud meowing or crying. Before you start yelling and punishing your cat you should know that causes for this behavior could be physical or emotional.


Like children get the attentions from their parents by way of pouting or crying, your cat is clever and may be using a similar tactic. A cat will talk to you because they know they will get a reaction out of you. Maybe a cookie, a rub or some food. Weight all the factors before deciding that your cat has a problem that needs some behavioral modifications.

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