Cat Behavior Problems

Cat behavior can seem strange to us. Your cat brings you happiness as she lays on your pillow and purrs herself to sleep. She provides you with happiness as you watch her hop for goodies and chase salamanders on the patio screen. But from time to time, she may also drive you crazy when she pee's outside the literbox out of spit if you don't get to clean it quick enough for her or she scratches at the bedroom door frame waking you for her morning feeding.

Do you have a cat that keeps you up half the night meowing?

Solving your cat behavior problems will take time and commitment but it can be done. And it's worth it. Research shows that alot of cats end up in shelters because their owners did not know how to solve the behavior problem or they gave up trying. Don't let their problem behaviors threaten the bond you have with your cat. With some time and patience, you can correct the behaviors and keep your cat purring on your pillow and napping right along with you.

Do you have a noisy cat?

There may be a reason for your cat to constantly meow. Cats tend to hide symptoms of illness until they are seriously ill. If you notice your cats behavior change suddenly you should take her to your veterinarian for an exam.

Why do cats scratch?Meow

Is it your favorite sofa or the door frame that seems to be the favorite scratching post for your cat to dig her claws into. You scold her and she looks back at you like you have "two heads" as if to say "Whats the problem" I'm simply stretching my body and flexing my feet and nails. Cats scratch for a variety of reasons.

  • Marking their territory, Cats paws have scent glands that leave their scent on whatever they scratch.
  • Exercise, scratching also helps keep te kitty in shape because it stretches, pulls and works the muscles.
  • Pleasure, "Hey It Feels Good"

Scratching is a normal behavior for cats and it is unrealistic to think you can prevent them from doing so, Instead redirect the scratching onto acceptable objects.

Urine-Marking Behavior

Another cat behavior is marking their territory. You may think of the typical marking behavior as the method of urinating to mark a particular area but cats may mark a object by rubbing their head against it. They "stake a claim" to a particular space or area. Urine-marking is a territorial behavior problem and not a house soiling problem. So, If you think your cat is urinating just because he does not want to go in the literbox you need to address the underlying reason for your pet's need to mark his territory in this way.


It is well past midnight and your in a deep sleep when your wakened by a high-pitched wail from your male cat. You want to shout at him and throw him out the back door but you know that it will do no good. What can you do about it? This is extremly frustrating when happens almost everynight.

Caterwauling as it is called. It is the sound the male cat makes when sexually excited, usually as a prelude to a fight over the favors of a female. Male and female cats may do it because they are hungry, tired or sick and unfortunalty there is not much you can do about this annoying behavior but try your best to ignore it.

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