Looking For Pet Sitters?

If you have a pet then I am pretty sure you have said to yourself "what are we going to do with Bentley while we are away?" Or I have to work late and I can't leave him in the crate that long? Pet sitters are a great alternative to boarding.

If your answer is yes to any of the following questions then a pet sitter is your answer!

  • Do you worry if he will be walked or stuck in a cage all day?
  • Do you worry if he will think you abandoned him?
  • Will you worry if he will be stressed by being in an unfamiliar environment?
  • Or worry that he may catch something in a kennel or come home depressed?

Have you found yourself wanting to go away for the long weekend or you were suddenly notified that you have to work late and won't get home for another 6 hours? You would come home to a pooch with his legs and eyes crossed.

There are many reasons you may find yourself needing a canine companion or nanny. So If you work long hours and don't want to keep imposing on family, friends or neighbors then pet sitters just might benefit you by stopping in for a mid day break to let little Bentley. I'm sure Bentley will appreciate it!

Now how do you choose a pet sitter?

Word of mouth is a great tool in the community. If a your neighbor has used someone to watch his or her pets and they do a good job then of course word spreads. You would not trust your precious pet with just anybody so do your homework. If you find someone of peotential see if they have any references, names and number of previous customers of there's. Perhaps a website with some testimonials, something that builds their credibility and your trust.

Questions & Answers

If you find a prospect that you are inquiring on, give them a call and try to arrange a face-to-face or what I like to call a Meet & Greet. This is a great way to find out if you, little Bentley and everyone are all in agreement. This are especially important because even if you are as much of a dog lover as I am not all people and pooches mesh.

Being a pet sitter myself I have come across some of the friendliest dogs but also some very territorial dogs. If you as the owner are not confortable with the way Bentley is acting do not be afraid to try another reference. They will understand and may be able to guide you in the direction of another reputible company.

There should be questions that you are prepaired to ask. I have provided you with some frequent questions that I get asked.

  • Do you have references?
  • Are you lincensed, bonded and insured?
  • Do you know pet first-aid?
  • Will you have other people with you when you pet sit( important, you want to know who is in your home)
  • Are you will to water plants, bring in mail and garbage cans and turn the blinds?
  • What are your rates?
  • Do you charge extra for additional pets?
  • How omany times a day will you visit and approximate time frame?
  • Do you have contracts?

On the same note be prepaired for questions that you will be asked from the as well like what are regular feeding times, the walk schedule and where is everything kept. Also is there anything other than attending to the pets that they would like done such as mail, garbage, lights, watering plants or bathing dogs (usually additional costs).

If you did not have a particular person or company that you were referred to and you want to find pet sitters in your area that you can feel confident with and that are trustworthy and reliable, I would suggest a pet sitting agency. An agency checks the the credibility of a person or company. They check or will provide you the tools to check the back ground of the pet sitter. They also have the ability to send you not just 1 or 2 pet sitters to choose from but a list to choose from.

A pet sitting agency also provides alot of other additional helpful information. They will have lots of tips and advice on pet care for your pooch. They quickly match, screen and select pet sitters for you and when you find a sitter that you are interested in you can communicate through their confidential message system.

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